THWAC Winter Handicap Fun League 2020-21

Covid Lockdown Update

If AGB cannot get the Government to rethink, I propose to accept scores for rounds shot during October, November, and up to the 12th December for the November rounds, and any time in December for the December round.  Again, you are welcome to submit more than one round with the second one being kept in reserve for the following month.
5th November 2020

This Winter Handicap Fun League will be based on the Archery GB handicap system. The aim is to create a fun, informal competition over the winter months for ALL our members, especially during the Covid19 pandemic.   You are invited to create a (clean) nickname for yourself if you wish, to be used in the online league table as long as you use both your real name and nickname on the submitted score sheets, along with your bow style (and age if you are a Junior) This is for fun and to give Members a reason to shoot and score rounds, these will not count towards any formal club handicap or classification

Competitors will be invited to email their scores, either by photographing score sheets or use an App such as “My Targets” which allows scores to be shared directly from the App. As this is a fun competition and you may well be shooting alone or socially distanced, you will be trusted to keep your scores and handicaps honest, especially as there are no prizes.
The competition will run from 1st November to 31st March (5 months) with scores to be submitted within two days of the end of a month. Each month Entrants will be ranked in order (highest to lowest) of their submitted handicapped score and will be awarded “fun points”, the number of points are going to depend on the number of entrants, eg 10 entrants and the archer with highest adjusted score will get 10 points, the second 9 points etc.

………. and yes, I do know there is data missing but if you had just spent as long as I have trying to get the table to work you would understand why :-)
Nickname/NameHandicapRoundScoreAdjusted ScorePoints
Maid Marion..Frostbite..14434
Robin Hood..Portsmouth..14013
William Tell..Worcester..14382
Ivan The Hun..Portsmouth..14261

Participating Archers will be ranked according to number of points accrued, and the table updated early each month and added to the website. The Archer with the highest number of fun points wins.

If you wish to participate please contact the organiser as soon as possible with your current Indoor and Outdoor (if you may be submitting rounds for both) handicap scores. If you do not have a current/relevant handicap score please submit scores from three indoor and/or outdoor rounds (not mixed)

These may be adapted or added to during the course of the competition if situation calls for it.

Qualifying Rounds Include:
Indoors: **Portsmouth, Worcester, Bray I. Outdoors: WA70, WA50, **Frostbite
Any of the recognised Archery GB rounds, indoor or out available within the current set up, will be designated as qualifying rounds provided there are handicap rates for them
All current Full, Associate and Winter Members are eligible to participate with rounds to be shot at The High Weald Archery Club
All handicaps should be continually revised during the course of the competition and should be revised downwards when applicable, using all your rounds, not just the submitted rounds, if you do not know how to do this then submit all your rounds and the handicap will be worked out for you ,

Submitting Scores
Monthly scores should be submitted no later midnight on the second of the month after completion of previous month. (IE For November’s entries submit by 2nd December)
You may submit your two best self recorded scores each month, with relevant handicap, and the second one will be used if you are unable to shoot the following month due to illness or shutdown, in case of the former please let organiser know asap.
Complaints and Grievances
This is intended to be a fun, transparent and fair competition designed to encourage participation at all levels. Complaints or grievances raised by participating archers should be made to the competition organiser or the THWAC Committee

Three Tens
First indoor end of the season for one happy archer

Scores, comments and questions to be sent to :

who will make up some vaguely relevant answers and get back to you

27th October 2020

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