Winter Field League

This will take  place on the 2nd Sunday of each month from November through to March inclusive.

Start time is 10.00 am, meeting in the indoor range and setting off to the course at 10.00 am.

It will consist of a proper WA marked round but only 12 targets which you may shoot once or twice per event (but not alone) with only one score being eligible for submitting to the league.

There will be 5 events but only your best 3 scores will decide your league position.

Maximum distance for sighted archers is 60 m and maximum distance for un sighted archers is 50 m.

There will also be a white peg for juniors with a maximum distance of 30 m.

The league will also publish all info.

This is open to all club members and guests, guests will have to pay a guest fee of £5 per event.

We welcome archers with no field experience and help and advice will be readily available to encourage archers to get into and enjoy field archery.

Explanation from Pete:

Field archery is typically shot in a woodland environment over rough ,sloping ,up-hill and down-hill terrain, with some cross slopes thrown in as well.

There will be 12 targets of various sizes and distances. you will shot 3o arrows per target, score them and move onto the next target. You shoot in a group of between 2 – 4 archers. It is a little like golf but with bows and arrows.

Any new archers who have never been around a field course will be paired with experienced field archers to show them the ropes and guide them safely through the shoot.

Your normal bow and arrows are all you need except a stout pair of walking boots will be beneficial .

You will also need sight marks from 10m – 60m for sighted bows and 5m – 50m for un-sighted bows in 5m increments.