First Blog Post – from our Chairman

Hello I am Mike Barrell the chairman of The High Weald Archery Club (THWAC) and welcome you to our website.

My wife and I started archery when we retired a few years ago and regret not having started the sport or having joined a club earlier. It is a sport for any age from about 8 years onwards – indeed we have members from age 8 to 70+. The sport is good physical exercise and concentrates the mind. It is a relatively small sport, numbers wise, but it is one  where there is always room for continuous improvement. It is an intensive sport where tuition and practice are very necessary if you want to improve. As the saying goes “The more you put in the more you get out”. There is a great deal of variety, with many different bow styles, different rounds (targets of different sizes at different distances etc), both indoors and outdoors where we have all the facilities including a recently built and maintained field course for shooting in woods. Field shooting is one of our favourite disciplines. We and other members of the club travel afar to enter competitions and meet fellow archers.

The club is fortunate to have excellent coaches and archers of International standard who are all very happy to help advise and assist new and experienced archers develop their skills.  Safety of course is paramount in all our operations and in our beginners courses we stress the necessity of being safe at all times.

We look forward to welcoming all new members and archers from other clubs and look forward to meeting you if you are interested.

Mike Barrell

(Chair THWAC)